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I post spiders as #arachnophobia, and all creepy crawlies as #entomology

I’m hyperfixating on Ed Edd n Eddy now and forever


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Media I want to look at and form an opinion of:


Good Omens




Ori and the Blind Forest


Smile for Me



Critical Role


TV Shows:

Good Omens (again)





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Problem No. 024: Yajisan-Kin-Kon-Kan

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Theme: Lying at the Center of the Galaxy

Picarats: 60

Rules: Mark some cells with diagonal double-sided mirrors such that no marked cells share an edge and all of the unmarked cells connect orthogonally in a single group. Each numbered arrow indicates the number of times its line of sight reaches a mirror, and each mirror redirects any line of sight that reaches it according to its orientation. Any cell with a numbered arrow can also be marked: such cells cease to indicate anything and can be true or false.

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Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

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12 y/o Sarah with a slightly different hoodie design

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Remember to take breaks, it has been a long year and you absolutely deserve one. Your mental health is extremely important, so look after it!

Especially if you are helping other people, even if it brings you joy it can be very draining, so make sure to take some time to yourself every day!

You deserve it, Stay safe out there! 💚💚💚

Okay just a small thing I noticed when rewatching the “When am I gonna learn, Double-Dee?/I think you just have, Eddy.” scene from the movie

For a few frames when Dee is pulling Eddy’s hands out of his face, Eddy looks rlly nervous/scared. But when he can see his face fully/when his tone of voice registered to him he looks confused/surprised. He’s!!! Not used to being forgiven q_q
and then of course Eddy does that smile towards him afterwards and aaaa

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Just more St Paul

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My main man Ed goes in

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a cat and a ferret

Alpine clubmoss
Diphasiastrum alpinum

C BerndH, CC 3.0

Ceraticelus fissiceps

C Judy Gallagher, CC 2.0

Callitrichia formosana male

C Akio Tanikawa, CC 2.5

Austrolycopodium fastigiatum

C Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, CC 4.0

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Kansas City Zoo

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Tierpark Hagenbeck (Zoo Hagenbeck) Hamburg, Germany
September 2018

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Kansas City Zoo

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I think ideally I'll post as much AU art as I want here such as my Ed Edd n Eddy all grown up stuff like this (They're 12 in this)

Welcome to the world of Pokemon, are you commonly associated with Angels or Demons?

Spathiphyllum montanum

C Dick Culbert, CC 2.0

American flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber

C Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble, CC 2.0